Traffic Phoenix – Is it a Scam?

Is Traffic Phoenix Software a Scam?

Traffic Phoenix scamI just watched a couple-hour long webinar about Traffic Phoenix software.
The guy can sure talk, that’s for sure.

Traffic Phoenix software looks for Youtube videos with lots of traffic and helps put you into contact with the video owners. It looks for videos that get huge amounts of traffic but that don’t have any links in the description box. In other words, the videos aren’t yet monetized. You offer a few bucks or more to the video owner in exchange for them placing a link to the offer of your choice in their video. Read the rest of this entry

eighterr for outsourcing

Eighterr – Another Great Choice for Outsourcing

There are dozens of sites popping up for people who want to buy and sell minigigs online and the newest contender is  You’re probably already familiar with sites like Fiverr and Fourer where, oddly enough, minigigs cost $5 and $4 respectively.  And yes, you’re safe in assuming that minigigs at cost $8.  But even at $8 that’s a pretty low price.  How is anybody making money selling these cheap minigigs online? Read the rest of this entry

Finally! Google Plus for All!

Look Out Facebook! Now There’s Google Plus for All!

Google Plus vs FacebookCome and get it, folks! Google opened it’s doors wide to Google Plus today (also known as Google+). Google Plus is Google’s latest answer to Facebook, and I think they’ve finally got a viable alternative.

Look out Facebook, Google Plus just might be about to give you a run for the money. And there are billions of dollars at stake in advertising revenue, of course, so the weeks and months ahead, I’ll wager, will be very exciting to watch. Read the rest of this entry

Viral Affiliate X System

Viral Affiliate X System – Is it a Scam?

Viral Affiliate X System scamI can’t tell you for sure if Viral Affiliate X is a scam. I’ve heard it’s exactly the same as Traffic Phoenix software, however. That would make it the same old garbage with a new name and face. If that’s the case, Viral Affiliate X is most certainly a scam, as my post about Traffic Phoenix, and the comments from a hundred poor souls around the world who bought it, will attest.

Viral Affiliate X is sold via an elaborate webinar. It all sounds incredibly convincing. The guy sounds very trustworthy and likable, and comes across like he’s doing you a huge favor in letting you get a one of the very few copies of the software he claims he’s willing to sell. Read the rest of this entry

Atomic Android X Scam – Beware!

Atomic Android X Scam – Beware!

Atomic Android X scamHi everyone. I’m posting this as kind of a public service because I’ve been told about the Atomic Android X scam that is sweeping Internet marketing circles.

My post on the first version of this software, Traffic Phoenix, has gained dozens and dozens of comments from folks just like you around the world swindled into buying this useless software. Folks are saying that the webinar for Atomic Android X is exactly the same webinar as the one for Traffic Phoenix.

Same bold claims, er, um, I mean lies. Read the rest of this entry

Google Plus One vs Google Plus – Which Is It?

Google Plus One vs Google PlusGoogle Plus One vs Google Plus

Or is it Google +1 vs Google+

Which is right? Are they the same thing? Why the confusion?

I found myself asking myself this question as I was getting myself up to speed with Google+, Google’s latest attempt to launch a Facebook-killer app. There is some confusion, which isn’t a good thing. But the product itself is awesome and just might gain the momentum it needs to vanquish Facebook. Or at least give Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang some serious competition. Unlike confusion, competition IS a good thing since it leads to rapid innovation and better service for all. Read the rest of this entry

Google Plus vs Facebook | Google+ vs Facebook

Google Plus vs FacebookGoogle Plus vs Facebook

There’s a very interesting showdown developing in the social media circles of the online world, and I’m going to throw myself right smack dab in the middle of it. Read the rest of this entry

I’ve Been Out of the Loop

BrantfordI’ve Been Out of the Loop

Wow, the last couple of months have been super busy for me in so many different aspects of my life. I haven’t been posting to the blog and it’s time to start making up for it.

I’ve changed countries again, leaving lush and steamy Costa Rica to return to my hometown in the Great Lakes region of Canada. Read the rest of this entry

Mark Ling and Traffic Travis

Traffic TravisMark Ling and Traffic Travis

Today like to tell you a little bit about Mark Ling and Traffic Travis. Mark Ling is a well known Internet affiliate marketer from New Zealand. Traffic Travis is a free piece of SEO software that Mark has created.

==>Click here to try Traffic Travis free<==

Traffic Travis has a paid version as well, but even the free version is kind of like an all in one SEO product. It helps you with keyword suggestions and research. In helps you to analyze your competition. And, if you’re into PPC (pay per click) marketing, the software can help you choose profitable keywords to bid on. Read the rest of this entry

MailChimp vs AWeber-Should I Use MailChimp as My Autoresponder?

MailChimp email marketingSomebody told me about MailChimp the other day, so I thought I’d check it out for you all as an alternative to AWeber for email marketing.

I’ve got some good news… and some bad news.

The good news is, MailChimp allows you to have a “free forever” account that can handle up to 2000 list members or 12,000 emails per month. If you go over that threshold, you’ve got to pay. It’s a bit less expensive than AWeber, but not by a huge amount after you cross that threshold, of course. Until then, it can save you big time!

But as with all good things, there are certain caveats to observe. Read the rest of this entry

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