MailChimp vs AWeber-Should I Use MailChimp as My Autoresponder?

MailChimp email marketingSomebody told me about MailChimp the other day, so I thought I’d check it out for you all as an alternative to AWeber for email marketing.

I’ve got some good news… and some bad news.

The good news is, MailChimp allows you to have a “free forever” account that can handle up to 2000 list members or 12,000 emails per month. If you go over that threshold, you’ve got to pay. It’s a bit less expensive than AWeber, but not by a huge amount after you cross that threshold, of course. Until then, it can save you big time!

But as with all good things, there are certain caveats to observe.

MailChimp Email Marketing Limitations – AWeber Wins on These!

One is, Mail Chimp doesn’t want you to use their service for affiliate marketing and sales. It’s against their TOS, and even worse, people who’ve gone ahead and done it anyway have seen their accounts shut down without notice. OUCH!

Now if you’re a restaurant or a dentist’s office or a non-profit – something like that – MailChimp is perfect for you. It can take a while to reach that 2000 member limit, and each month you stay below the threshold saves you $20 or more from AWeber.

Another concern I’ve read about while doing my research is clickthru rates. They are simply not as good with MailChimp as they are with AWeber. Some people speculate that it’s because the links MailChimp puts into emails are really long and funky looking. People don’t trust them. Links with AWeber just “look more legit.”

And a final thing to consider is tracking. People who made the switch from Mail Chimp to AWeber are blown away by how easy it is to track mail open rates and mail delivery rates, and to keep track of who has already received which emails. Not so much in MailChimp.

Anyway, thought I’d pass these little pearls of wisdom on to you, so you can make your own decision.

MailChimp vs AWeber Email Marketing – the Bottom Line

AWeber email marketingMy own take on it is this. If you’re an affiliate marketer, forget about MailChimp or any of the other competitors and go with the right choice from the start: AWeber. It’s a pain in the you-know-where to change it all over if you decide to change later, and even worse, your list members all have to re-opt-in! OUCH again!

MailChimp autoresponder
But if you’re not into affiliate marketing, and you use an email list to keep in touch with customers who visit your place of business in person, MailChimp is the right choice for the budget-minded business-owner.



Hope this helps. One or the other, AWeber or Mailchimp, I hope is right for you!
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Mailchimp vs AWeber, both have their place depending on your specific needs