Look Out Facebook! Now There’s Google Plus for All!

Google Plus vs FacebookCome and get it, folks! Google opened it’s doors wide to Google Plus today (also known as Google+). Google Plus is Google’s latest answer to Facebook, and I think they’ve finally got a viable alternative.

Look out Facebook, Google Plus just might be about to give you a run for the money. And there are billions of dollars at stake in advertising revenue, of course, so the weeks and months ahead, I’ll wager, will be very exciting to watch.

Google Plus vs Facebook – Which is Better?

Personally, I prefer Google Plus. That’s probably largely because I’m middle aged and not into the daily and even minute by minute social networking that my kids are. I also am much more conscious of privacy issues than those of the X and Y generations tend to be. And privacy is an area where Google Plus seems to have a huge advantage.

Problem with Facebook is that they keep changing the privacy rules. They are also difficult to figure out and hard to find. Google Plus shines in this… very easy to understand settings for privacy. It’s also easy to understand who is going to see the things I post. Everyone or just a few, it’s easy for me to determine.

Facebook must be a little worried, too, because they just introduced their new Subscribe feature, which is very much like Google Plus circles. Circles allow you to follow the posts of anyone else that’s on Google Plus. The other party is advised that you’ve included them in your circles, but they don’t have to include you in theirs. This way, you can be in Mark Zuckerberg’s circle, for instance, even though you know he won’t be adding you to his.

Until now, you had to receive an invitation from somebody already a member to join Google Plus, but just today, Google changed all that. You can join today right here.

So give Google Plus a try. You might like it even more than you thought!