Google Plus vs FacebookGoogle Plus vs Facebook

There’s a very interesting showdown developing in the social media circles of the online world, and I’m going to throw myself right smack dab in the middle of it.

I like Google Plus (also written as Google+). On the other hand, while I’m a big fan of Facebook in many ways, for my own personal use, I’ve always kind of shied away from it.

So if the question is: Google Plus vs Facebook – Which do I prefer? I’m going to have to side with Google Plus.

What’s the Biggest Difference Between Google Plus vs Facebook

Privacy! Privacy! Privacy!

The biggest reason for my preference for Google+ are its super-simple privacy controls. I know exactly who is going to see my posts and my personal information. And they don’t keep changing the rules all the time like Facebook does. (at least so far)

To be honest, I’ve never really understood how Facebook determines who is going to see what, so that makes me very reluctant to post. It’s not that I have big secrets, I just don’t like swamping all my “friends” with everything I find interesting. Because let’s face it, they’re not all my “friends.” They also include casual acquaintances, customers, family and people trying to sell me things.

And Facebook’s controls on those things have never been easy to figure out, and they keep changing things. So what’s private today might not be private tomorrow.

I don’t like that.

Similarities With Google Plus vs Facebook

Google Plus One offers a “Stream” that is very much like the “News Feed” you get in Facebook. That’s a good thing.

Also similar is the ability to add photos and videos, and you can tag your friends in Plus One just like in Facebook.

Sharing articles and other content you stumble on across the web is about equally easy with both. You won’t find “Plus One” buttons everywhere yet like you do Facebook “Like” buttons, but more and more websites are adding them every day.

Even without the buttons on other websites, it’s still dead easy to share things on Google Plus One directly from the Stream page. It’s just as easy as updating your Facebook status.

Google Plus One organizes your contacts in what it calls “Circles.” These are quite similar to Facebook’s latest version of “Groups,” with the big difference being that it’s far easier to mix and match your contacts in Circles than it is in Groups.

Other Differences With Google Plus vs Facebook

So far at least, Google Plus is being kept as a place for people to share with one another, as opposed to businesses.

Lately, Facebook is becoming more and more like a mini-Internet, with every company and business in the world that has a website building another mini-site within Facebook. And these companies and businesses work it pretty hard, so the advertising pitches are getting more and more blatant.

Facebook started as a place for friends to share personal stuff with each other. Now it’s a more like a hybrid of Myspace and LinkedIn – half teenie-bopper blather and half blatant marketing. Sure, it’s still got some interesting bits to it, even for me, but I must admit, Facebook has lost its shine.

And one other really important difference to me is the ease of use. Google Plus is just easier in just about every way to figure out than Facebook. That says a lot.

All I hope is that the folks at Google recognize the good bits of Plus One and don’t change them. If they did, that might change how I feel about Google Plus vs Facebook.

Google+ vs FacebookHow to Get a Google Plus Account

Google hasn’t opened the doors wide on Google+ accounts yet, but you can get on the waiting list here.

If you can’t wait, there are a number of sites (certainly not officially condoned) around where you might be able to get yourself an invite. Check out Google Plus Invitations, for instance.

And of course, if you have a friend who has a Google+ account, just ask them. At the moment, each new user is given 150 invitations to pass around as they see fit.

Goofy Video Pokes Fun at the Google Plus vs Facebook Rivalry

Hey, I don’t like to make fun of anybody, but the guys who made this video sure do. It’s a gag video, but the premise is sound. Facebook better watch out, I think, or Google+ may just take over. Google Plus vs Facebook? Check out the video!

Anyway, hope this helps you understand more about the Google Plus vs Facebook debate, and I look forward to hearing your comments!