Google Plus One vs Google PlusGoogle Plus One vs Google Plus

Or is it Google +1 vs Google+

Which is right? Are they the same thing? Why the confusion?

I found myself asking myself this question as I was getting myself up to speed with Google+, Google’s latest attempt to launch a Facebook-killer app. There is some confusion, which isn’t a good thing. But the product itself is awesome and just might gain the momentum it needs to vanquish Facebook. Or at least give Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang some serious competition. Unlike confusion, competition IS a good thing since it leads to rapid innovation and better service for all.

Google has tried to take on Facebook a couple of times before, but never with any success. Remember Google Buzz? Google Wave? Orkut? Exactly. Even if you’ve heard of them, you probably never used them and really don’t know how they work or what they do. Google+ appears to be a much more viable product, and I really like it so far.

Google +1Google Plus One vs Google Plus – What’s the Difference?

So how to answer my confusion?

Let me put it this way…

Google +1 vs Google+ is like saying Facebook Like vs Facebook.

Put another way, Google Plus One vs Google Plus is like saying Facebook Like vs Facebook.

In other words, the +1 buttons you see popping up all over webpages everywhere, including mine, are basically the Google+ version of the Facebook Like button. Just as you log in to your Facebook account to enable the Facebook Like buttons, you log in to your Google+ account to enable the +1 buttons.

But not everybody can have a Google+ account just yet since it’s still in beta. So Google allows you to log in to your plain old Google account instead. You can still +1 things even if you don’t have a Google+ account.

But once you DO have a Google+ account, all those things you click the +1 buttons for will be shared with your “circles” (what Facebook calls “friends”) and displayed in your “stream” (the Google+ equivalent of the Facebook news feed).

But despite the confusion that exists, the more I use Google+ and the +1 buttons, the more I’m impressed. I understand better how Google is going to share these things amongst my circles than I do how Facebook shares things, and I really like that. Call me a control freak, but I don’t like the uncontrolled and at times seemingly random way Facebook shares things. Even less do I like Facebook constantly changing the rules on privacy and sharing.

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Google+ vs +1 Recap

Google +1 is the button you click. Google+ is the potential Facebook-killer app. No more confusion about Google Plus One vs Google Plus for me!