Atomic Android X Scam – Beware!

Atomic Android X scamHi everyone. I’m posting this as kind of a public service because I’ve been told about the Atomic Android X scam that is sweeping Internet marketing circles.

My post on the first version of this software, Traffic Phoenix, has gained dozens and dozens of comments from folks just like you around the world swindled into buying this useless software. Folks are saying that the webinar for Atomic Android X is exactly the same webinar as the one for Traffic Phoenix.

Same bold claims, er, um, I mean lies.

Atomic Android X Scam

Atomic Android X will set you back $1,000 and it is very likely that support will be as non-existent as with Traffic Phoenix and refunds equally hard to obtain. I only read one person say he liked the software (out of nearly 100 comments to date) and I’m pretty sure that guy was a “plant.”

Viral Affiliate X is yet another variant of this same scam.

It seems that a lot of affiliates are making a ton of money promoting this garbage, otherwise why would it keep turning up? The sales pitch is smooth as silk, so watch out!

Don’t become the next victim of the Atomic Android X scam.

Just check out some of the comments on my Traffic Phoenix post. Some folks got pretty resourceful to get their money back and you might do the same if you fell for it.

Here’s what one person commented:

Just started watching VIRAL AFFILIATE X SYSTEM! because believed to be same as traffic phoenix and ATOMIC ANDROID X, soon into it I could see it is the exact same webinar as the other two. If enough people pass the word to the internet marketing community and enough people start unsubscribing from all the people who push these products, they may get the hint to stop the scams. The only other solution is to have the government step in, and we all know how that would turn out (total government control), not an option. We need to get together and stop all the scams in family so to say. The scams need to go. We need to name names and get the word out to everyone.

I couldn’t agree more, so that’s what motivated me to share this with you. The Atomic Android X scam will hit you pretty hard, as $1000 is a lot of money to shell out for total garbage.

I hope you don’t fall for it, but if you do, please leave your comments below.  The old saying goes that, “All that glitters is not gold,” and the Atomic Android X scam proves it yet again.