Is Traffic Phoenix Software a Scam?

Traffic Phoenix scamI just watched a couple-hour long webinar about Traffic Phoenix software.
The guy can sure talk, that’s for sure.

Traffic Phoenix software looks for Youtube videos with lots of traffic and helps put you into contact with the video owners. It looks for videos that get huge amounts of traffic but that don’t have any links in the description box. In other words, the videos aren’t yet monetized. You offer a few bucks or more to the video owner in exchange for them placing a link to the offer of your choice in their video.


UPDATE 9/21/11: Many, many people have commented on this blog, and it seems absolutely beyond any doubt that yes, Traffic Phoenix is indeed a scam.

Some of you have mentioned other versions of the same product flogged with exactly the same webinar and “Charlie” doing all the talking.

As a public service to everyone, I decided to write additional posts about each of these various reincarnations of the same old garbage. That way, even more people will be saved a thousand bucks and the endless customer service nightmares and refund shenanigans that have been suffered by the many people who have commented below.

And guess what! The comments have already started to roll in on Atomic Android X and Viral Affiliate X System (the ridiculous names of the new versions). Same old scam, guaranteed.

If you learn of any more names this product is marketed under, please leave a comment and let me know.

Traffic Phoenix Features

Traffic Phoenix also builds push-button websites that include high traffic videos and some junky but well optimized text surrounding them.

Traffic Phoenix also helps you identify rising-star videos and then download them and re-upload them to five other video websites automatically.  You can add watermarks and other customizations to the videos as well. Basically, you steal other people’s work and re-purpose it for yourself. Not for me, I’m too honest.

How Much Does Traffic Phoenix Cost?

The price advertised on the call with Anik Singal was $997. It’s a one time fee only.

Sounds like pretty interesting software with some powerful yet spammy features. Includes video training inside their member area.

It’s a Plimus payment screen. I’m not sure if that means you’ll be able to get a quick and easy refund if the software doesn’t deliver what it promises. Clickbank does, but not sure about Plimus.

Is Traffic Phoenix a Scam?

Traffic Phoenix reviewI don’t think so. Is it worth $997? Not to me. I’m not into building tons of spammy websites.

But hey, I’m not making millions of dollars a month like all these gurus claim to be either.

If you give it a try, please let me know how it works out for you.

Traffic Phoenix – not for everybody, but it sure looks like fun!