Traffic TravisMark Ling and Traffic Travis

Today like to tell you a little bit about Mark Ling and Traffic Travis. Mark Ling is a well known Internet affiliate marketer from New Zealand. Traffic Travis is a free piece of SEO software that Mark has created.

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Traffic Travis has a paid version as well, but even the free version is kind of like an all in one SEO product. It helps you with keyword suggestions and research. In helps you to analyze your competition. And, if you’re into PPC (pay per click) marketing, the software can help you choose profitable keywords to bid on.

Traffic Travis is also very helpful in analyzing your webpages. It can tell you how well your page is optimized for any particular keyword in the search engines.

It can also look up the top top 10 or 20 competitors for any particular keyword you might want to rank for. In a minute or two it can conduct an in-depth analysis showing you how well your competitors webpages are optimized for those particular keywords as well.

If you’d like to rank at the very top of Google for a particular keyword, this kind of research is very important. Is allows you to reverse engineer what the competition has done. It will also help you see what backlinks your competitors have so that you can try and get links from the same pages yourself.

What I Don’t Like About Traffic Travis

The one thing that I do not like about traffic Travis is that it only runs on a PC. If you have a Mac and you’d like to run Traffic Travis, you have to do it inside a virtual machine. This is a deal killer, but it’s not as easy as running Mac native software.

Mark Ling is very good about keeping traffic Travis updated as well. Earlier this Mark Lingyear, he released version 4 of traffic Travis. Travis Travis four is available for windows free trial edition. But traffic Travis three is still available completely free.

If you’re wondering whether Traffic Travis might be good for you, the best way is to just simply downloaded for free and try it out yourself.

Whether you like it or not, you will probably end up on Mark Ling’s mailing list, and you’re sure to learn a few interesting things from back along the way. I’ve enjoyed reading Mark’s posts and have listened to a number of the webinars that he hopes promoting other products. You may enjoy it too.

Thanks, and I hope you found this helpful. That’s all for today, and I hope you have fun with Traffic Travis!

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