Viral Affiliate X System – Is it a Scam?

Viral Affiliate X System scamI can’t tell you for sure if Viral Affiliate X is a scam. I’ve heard it’s exactly the same as Traffic Phoenix software, however. That would make it the same old garbage with a new name and face. If that’s the case, Viral Affiliate X is most certainly a scam, as my post about Traffic Phoenix, and the comments from a hundred poor souls around the world who bought it, will attest.

Viral Affiliate X is sold via an elaborate webinar. It all sounds incredibly convincing. The guy sounds very trustworthy and likable, and comes across like he’s doing you a huge favor in letting you get a one of the very few copies of the software he claims he’s willing to sell.

Don’t fall for it, folks! Just read the comments over on my Traffic Phoenix post. Tons of people bought it, just like those who will buy the Viral Affiliate X System. Nobody got it to work. And too few were able to get refunds when they demanded them. That’s a thousand bucks down the drain, which is nothing to sneeze about where I come from!

If you participated in a webinar about the Viral Affiliate X System, or if you were unfortunate enough to buy it, I hope you’ll leave a comment below so we can get to the bottom of this. I hate it when people scam others like it seems they’re doing here again.

What Does Viral Affiliate X System Claim To Do?

They will claim that the software will uncover Youtube videos that get huge traffic but have no links in the description field. Viral Affiliate X System teaches you to email the folks that uploaded those videos and offer them ten or twenty bucks to put your affiliate link there.

Viral Affiliate X System will also download other people’s Youtube videos and re-upload them under your account, even claiming to change the video enough so that Youtube won’t detect this blatant violation of their Terms of Service (Youtube TOS).

But don’t believe it folks. It simply doesn’t work.

And Viral Affiliate X System isn’t the only clone of Traffic Phoenix. Apparently there’s another variant called Atomic Android X, but just like Viral Affiliate X, it’s a scam.