Google Plus One vs Google Plus – Which Is It?

Google Plus One vs Google PlusGoogle Plus One vs Google Plus

Or is it Google +1 vs Google+

Which is right? Are they the same thing? Why the confusion?

I found myself asking myself this question as I was getting myself up to speed with Google+, Google’s latest attempt to launch a Facebook-killer app. There is some confusion, which isn’t a good thing. But the product itself is awesome and just might gain the momentum it needs to vanquish Facebook. Or at least give Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang some serious competition. Unlike confusion, competition IS a good thing since it leads to rapid innovation and better service for all. Read the rest of this entry

Google Plus vs Facebook | Google+ vs Facebook

Google Plus vs FacebookGoogle Plus vs Facebook

There’s a very interesting showdown developing in the social media circles of the online world, and I’m going to throw myself right smack dab in the middle of it. Read the rest of this entry